Why They Suck

UPDATE: October 19, 2011, 4 PM Gazelle has finally responded below. Click to see the comment by Gazelle’s Andrew M. Shallenberger and let’s see if he answers my questions in my new blog post: Why They Still Suck.

I was introduced to a site called, that claims it’s willing to buy your old disused electronics. That claim of theirs is wondrous bullshit.

To help illustrate some of the major problems with their site, let’s take a look at one of the categories they push really hard: old satellite radios.

They claim, in their navigation bar, to buy 71 different types of satellite radios. The largest brand in that category is Sirius with 25 different types, so let’s jump to that.

Cycling through the items under that category, you see page after page of items flagged with “sell it now.” Then, two pages on, you start seeing:


What kind of fuckery is this? They claim to buy 25 different Sirius Satellite radios, but when you reach the third page of items you suddenly start seeing “recycle it now” instead. So, in other words, Gazelle doesn’t buy 25 different types of Sirius satellite radios. They buy 17. The others are there to lure you onto their site and to maybe get you to ship your shit to them (at your expense, mind you) for them to “dispose responsibly” for you.

So, they still buy 17 Sirius satellite radios, instead of 25, right? Wrong. Let’s jump to another brand, only because that was where I discovered this discrepancy. Let’s say that you have a brand new, functional, still in box with all the original shit XAct XTR1 Sirius radio.

ImageHere we go. Let’s check all their criteria.

Powers on successfully? Yes. It’s brand new.

Overall condition? Perfect. It’s still in the original box.

Antenna? It’s mint in box. Of course the antenna is in there.

“I Have…” I have everything. It’s mint in box.

So, let’s click to get an offer. Well, lo and behold….


Wow. Brand new in box, the absolute best that this item they supposedly buy can be? And all they’ll do is “recycle it responsibly.” Yet we see that they’re not afraid to flag items that supposedly have no value as such. So why take you through all these steps? All I can say is that when anyone offers to take a perfectly good, brand new mint in box item off your hands and act like they’re doing you a fucking favor, then caveat fucking emptor, baby.

There’s also a question of “disposing.” I can dispose of something responsibly by unloading it on eBay or taking it to a flea market. One has to wonder whether or not someone who is offering to “dispose of” your item is doing this. Or selling it for scrap. Or selling it to someone who will take the component parts and make repaired items for resale.

For example, one of the few things that Gazelle actually seems willing to buy is an old iPod. However, if the headphone jack on your iPod is damaged, they will deduct $66.00 from your offer. $66.00! For a fucking headphone jack. Now, let’s say that I buy an iPod with a damaged headphone jack for $11.00, like Gazelle will. Let’s say that at the same time I “offer to recycle responsibly” another iPod where the case is cracked and the battery is shot, but the headphone jack still works. Wow. That headphone jack is worth $66.00! So swap the broken parts from the $11.00 iPod with the same parts from the “offer to recycle” iPod, and voila a $77.00 iPod.

Now, never let it be said that I don’t try to get the full skinny on a situation before I proclaim that the people behind that scam…er… situation suck. Since they had a huge “LIVE CHAT” button on the site I decided to take advantage of it. The name of the operator has been changed to protect the guilty.

[Pab Sungenis] What exactly do you mean by “recycle your item?”
[Bozo#1] Hello, Welcome to the Gazelle trade in program my name is Bozo#1,
[Bozo#1] I apologize for any confusion.
[Bozo#1] It indicates that the item has no cash value and the only offer available is having it recycled. This of course does not entail any kind of monetary compensation.
[Pab Sungenis] How does your company go about “recycling” these items?
[Bozo#1] You would have to mail the item(s) to us. The shipping cost must be paid by you. Upon arrival of the item(s) we recycle (discard) them responsibly.
[Pab Sungenis] How? What do you do to discard of them responsibly?
[Bozo#1] They are sent to a recycle center that will ensure that they do not end up in a landfill.
[Pab Sungenis] What benefit is there for me to send my items to you to be recycled, instead of disposing of them at my local electronics recycling center?
[Bozo#1] There are none if you are having them recycled responsibly.

Let me interrupt for a moment to underline this. If you choose to take them up on their offer to recycle, you’re paying to do this. In most major metropolitan areas (and a shitload of suburbs and metroburbs, too) there are places you can take old electronics to be recycled. I’ve been using the local one here in town a lot lately. So you’re essentially paying them to do something you can do for free right in your own neighborhood.

Also, I wonder what “recycling center” they use, and whether they get paid for their scrap. Too bad I didn’t think to ask.

[Pab Sungenis] Does your company use the component parts of objects sent to you for disposal to repair other items to be used later for resale?
[Bozo#1] We do not as we do not repair items.
[Pab Sungenis] Not even for items you purchase for resale?
[Bozo#1] What we purchase must be in working condition.
[Bozo#1] We sell them as is (working condition).

Not the hedge. “We” do not repair items. There is nothing about whether or not they have other people do the repairs for them.

I felt the need to let them come clean on items that are on their site as just padding. So I used the above example.

[Pab Sungenis] There are some items on your site where, even though they are flagged as “sell it now” instead of “recycle it now,” and even though they are in perfect condition, will not receive an offer. Why does your site do this? Why not just flag items you do not want, even in perfect condition, as “recycle” instead of “sell?”

For the record, I love when you force a CSR to go off script. This was followed by four minutes of silence, then each of the next three sentences had thirty seconds of silence between them before I decided to put the CSR out of his misery and interrupt.

[Bozo#1] Pab, I understand your concerns.
[Bozo#1] The cosmetic condition of an item does not necessarily mean that it has value.
[Bozo#1] For example….
[Pab Sungenis] No, I mean “perfect.” With all required components and fully functional.
[Bozo#1] A discontinued item, too old perhaps has very little value.
[Bozo#1] Technology takes giant steps.
[Bozo#1] An outdated phone, monitor, etc…
[Bozo#1] It may be in great condition but there is very little market for outdated items.
[Pab Sungenis] Then why not simply flag that item as “recycle” instead of going through the process of trying to obtain a quote?
[Bozo#1] Because, you (the owner) may have done some upgrades to it that may have given the device some value.
[Pab Sungenis] Let’s take one sample item here and go through your criteria: “Powers on successfully,” yes. Overall condition, “perfect” “I Have…” every item is checked. Click on get an offer, and it says “no resale value.” If that item is worthless even after going through all your criteria, why not just flag it for recycling?

Two minutes of silence.

[Bozo#1] Which item is it?
[Pab Sungenis] XAct XTR1 Sirius Satellite radio. I already have screenshots, so don’t bother to go change it now.
[Bozo#1] I’ll check for you.
[Bozo#1] One moment please.

Six minutes of silence.

[Bozo#1] Thanks for holding.
[Bozo#1] You are absolutely right. The item is to be recycled. You should not have the option of rating it.
[Bozo#1] Once in a while we do have to make these corrections.

So I move in for the kill.

[Pab Sungenis] Which brings up the question, how many items that you allegedly will buy will receive no offer at all?
[Bozo#1] Good question.

I agree.

[Bozo#1] Keep this in mind….
[Bozo#1] When you do an assessment and an offer is made, you lock into that price by placing the order.
[Bozo#1] The only way the offer is revised is if we find that the assessment was over rated or under rated by the user.
[Bozo#1] A revision to an offer can go up or down.
[Bozo#1] When offers are revised, we do explain in detail why.
[Bozo#1] And you are given the option to accept or decline.
[Bozo#1] If you decline, we will send the item back at no cost to you.

Aww. He’s back on script. But please note that even if they make an offer to you and you pay to ship your shit out to them, then there’s still no guarantee they’ll live up to your offer. Again, caveat fucking emptor, baby.

[Pab Sungenis] Thank you for addressing my questions and confirming my doubts and fears. Have a good afternoon.
[Bozo#1] You are very welcome Pab.

What’s our lesson? If your item is in good shape go to eBay. If not, drop it off at your local recycling center for free. Avoid scammers like the folks at would appear to be.

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  1. I see many of these scam commercials. Since they make it look so beautiful, even I, could not resist. I have searched Quibids, and another (of which I have forgoten their scaming name) and now, gazelle. Now, they CAN (I’m not supporting them, but against them) be profitable. From research, I’ve learnt you have to prompt them. Like Quibids, film the auction and threaten to sue. With gazelle, I love these workers who support their company. I suppose if I take pictures, send a brand new that I just bought, (suppose a ipad) and they send it back saying it has scratches or shit, and I show the pictures (possibly video) and show them, threaten to sue, they get quiet. Or in my case…

    (Me) [picture]
    (Worker 257)That does seem liable, lemme check
    [Twent five minutes later]
    (Worker 257) I’m so sorry, we will give it back in mint condition, when we repair it.
    (Me) No thanks, I shall get more than its worth in court when I sue your lieng ass.

    And to the gazelle fuckwads/workers,
    I don care what you post, because your a scam

    • If I see the commercial with the girl in orange one more time i will scream.The facial expressions she makes drive me nuts. “Tilt head, look all the way to the left, say comment that makes the viewer feel ignorant..” Nobody talks like that in everyday conversations! I know thats not as bad as being scammed by them, but to me their commercials are just as seedy as the companies morals. I wish someone would punch the gazelle girl in the face. Couldn’t…be…simpler.

      • I love how they follow their scripts to a T and act surprised when they get caught. Its ridiculous that the commercials say “we will give you more then you probably think.” Oh yeah? $20 for a 2 month old, $800 laptop. I guess they assumed I expected $10 or less. Get fucked gazelle. com.

    • me too man wtf gazelle is some piece of shit……thank god i sold my wii for 200 on craigslist dude its not even funny ;) yay

  2. They just bought an iPhone 3G that had been used for almost 3 years but is in excellent condition for $74 – and they paid the shipping. Received the check promptly .I was pleasently surprised at how much I got for it. I am not being paid to write this.

    I am now asking about some audio equipment, which I doubt they will take, so I will sell it on eBay.

  3. Gazelle claimed that my Iphone was missing the on button, and offered me a lower price. I requested that they send it back. The unit they sent me was missing the on button. The one I sent them was perfect. I removed the Sims card immediately before packing it. I would have noticed a mutilation like that. Furthermore, Itunes does not recognize it as my own Iphone. I know that mistakes can happen, but if this sort of thing is a regular occurrance I hope they are found out.

  4. I too have recently seen the Gazelle commercial on tv and decided to trade in my IPhone 3GS(it is only a month old and only have been used a couple of times, since I bought the new IPhone 4S and my IPhone 3GS was bought to replace one I previously had. I AM SOOO GLAD I decided to Google Gazelle too before sending in my phone, as I would have been sooo P$$$ED off, but even more with myself for being so “trusting”. Sounds too good to be true, mostly is. I would NEVER send in electronics(or like the whole thing with sending in unwanted or broken gold and they will send you a check”after” receiving the goods! I want to see what they are talking about and for those who did send in theirs and have taken pics or videos first of your items, good for you! And to Pab, with the curse words and all, I found your comments about Gazelle to be informaive and entertaining, which kept me reading. Thanks and to all others who have taken the time out to share their experience with others. I will find someone I know who’s looking to buy a phone and sell it to them, or will do something else with it besides letting someone get over on me. I don’t have money like that, as I am on disability, and even if I did, it’s not cool. So if I don’t sell, I might donate this less than a month old phone to some place that will help fight cancer or AIDS like I read in someone else’s comment, or some other reputable charity. Thanks all!:)

  5. I also checked out the wonderful Gazelle.IE: crooks. I have learned to not trust any businesses, including the big box stores. the bigger they get the worse they get. I am very, very leery of any .com on tv. I have finally learned the lesson( Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see ). Watch your asses that they don’t get burned and don’t let the bastards win.

  6. Gazelle SUCKS, they are really out of thier mind. I put my phone description on the website. brand new $500 phone mind you, just to see what they would offer, guess what FIVE BUCKS! Are they fucking serious? they can shove that five bucks up thier ass.

  7. I noticed like everyone that they sell the refurbished devices on ebay. I went to the “store” and found a crappy phone in fair condition for $38. I went to the sell your item section of the website and gave all that info in perfect condition. seems even though they won’t buy that phone they will sell it.

    Now I know how they “recycle” the items they won’t buy. They sell it.

  8. I decided to troll these guys and have a conversation with them using almost your exact words. I’ll post how it goes once I’m done haha

  9. I used a fake name just because I don’t trust them haha.

    [Xzavier] What exactly do you mean by “recycle your item?”
    [Lisa] Hello, and welcome to Gazelle! My name is Lisa and I’m here to help.
    [Lisa] How are you today?
    [Xzavier] Fine.
    [Lisa] Recycle means we won’t offer any money for your item & we will recycle it for you
    [Xzavier] How does your company go about “recycling” these items?
    [Lisa] You will send the item into us
    [Lisa] We don’t pay for the shipping
    [Xzavier] And then what?
    [Lisa] Once we receive your item we will recycle that item for you that’s it
    [Xzavier] How? What do you do to discard of them responsibly?
    [Lisa] let me find that out for you
    [Lisa] one moment
    [Lisa] We’ve built a network of domestic recyclers throughout the country, with which we have ensured that when electronics are recycled through their company, the hazardous materials and precious metals are not shipped overseas and they do not end up in landfills.
    [Lisa] Each type of electronic has a specific procedure though, because the way things are recycled depends on the materials within each unique device.
    [Lisa] Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    [Xzavier] So what benefit is there for me to pay to send my items to you to be recycled, instead of disposing of them at my local electronics recycling center?

    10 minute silence…

    [Lisa] I can give you the link to a local recycler in your area if you like
    [Xzavier] That’s not what I asked.
    [Xzavier] What benefit is there for me to send you my items so you can recycle them, instead of recycling them myself, locally?

    5 minute silence…

    [Lisa] When our electronics are brought to one of our domestic recyclers, each device is crushed, and the materials are separated by category (glass, metal, etc.). Those materials are then brought to processing centers where they are used to build new electronics, thus extending the life of said materials.
    [Lisa] Recycling with Gazelle is a comforting way to recycle, as we do not recycle outside of our domestic network
    [Xzavier] Alright, I understand that. But I’m asking, why should I send my items to you to recycle, instead of just disposing of them at my local electronics recycling center?
    [Lisa] Would you like the link to a local recycler in your area?
    [Xzavier] I’m not asking where I can find a recycling center, I’m asking why I should pay to send you items to recycle.
    [Lisa] the benefit of recycling with Gazelle is that we ensure that all hazardous materials are processed for reuse within the United States, rather than shipped overseas where these materials are typically not handled safely.
    [Xzavier] Does your company use the component parts of objects sent to you for disposal to repair other items to be used later for resale?
    [Lisa] Unfortunately we don’t refurbish items.
    [Xzavier] Not even items you purchase for resale?
    [Lisa] No sir
    [Xzavier] So say I send you an ipod with a broken screen, you won’t use it to repair an ipod with a broken headphone jack but a perfect screen?
    [Lisa] No sir
    [Xzavier] There are some items on your site where, even though they are flagged as “sell it now” instead of “recycle it now,” and even though they are in perfect condition, will not receive an offer. Why does your site do this? Why not just flag items you do not want, even in perfect condition, as “recycle” instead of “sell?”
    [Lisa] Due to the dynamic pricing of our pricing system our prices do fluctuate
    [Xzavier] But it’s not just a low price. It says “sell it now” and even if the item in question is in perfect condition, with all the required cables, box, etc. It still will not receive an offer.
    [Lisa] No sir
    [Xzavier] Yes, ma’am.
    [Xzavier] Some items, although marked “sell it now”, will not receive an offer even if they are in perfect condition with all the required components. Why?
    [Xzavier] Why not just mark them as “recycle it now” if you don’t want it, even in perfect condition?
    [Lisa] We are constantly updating our website and because our offers fluctuate it does cause some items to receive the recycle it now message
    [Xzavier] Then why is it still flagged as “sell it now” rather than “recycle it now”??
    [Xzavier] Why not simply flag that item as “recycle” instead of going through the process of trying to obtain a quote?
    [Lisa] Once the system does update the items that are to be will receive the recycle message
    [Lisa] Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    [Xzavier] Then how many items that you will allegedly buy, will receive no offer at all?
    [Lisa] I’m not sure
    [Xzavier] Lisa, can I ask you a question?
    [Lisa] I can only answer gazelle related questions
    [Xzavier] It is a gazelle related question.
    [Xzavier] When you were a child, did you actually want to work for a website that’s obviously a scam when you grew up?
    [Lisa] I’m sorry that’s a personal question
    [Xzavier] Is it? Or is it just a question that you don’t have an answer for?
    [Xzavier] Or maybe it’s a question that you’d rather not answer.
    [Lauren] Hi, Xzavier. My name is Lauren and I am Lisa’s supervisor at the moment. I have read your chat, and I will gladly forward your suggestions to our engineering team. I will also be sure to present this chat to our manager when he is in the office.
    [Xzavier] Oh great, maybe you’ll be able to answer my questions.
    [Lauren] I understand that it is frustrating to go through our offer calculation process and receive the recycle-only message, particularly if you expect to receive a monetary offer.
    [Xzavier] Lauren, if that is your real name, you can’t sit here and honestly tell me that you recycle the items that are sent to you.
    [Xzavier] I’ve seen items on your company’s “store” on ebay.
    [Xzavier] You sell things on there that you won’t buy on your website
    [Xzavier] Now please just come clean and tell me that you sell the items that are sent to you for disposal.
    [Xzavier] Because you and I both know that’s the case.
    The operator has ended the chat. Thanks for contacting us.

    LOL. I think this might just become my new hobby

  10. It’s in my nature to second guess myself .I recently sold an older Bose home entertainment unit on Craig’s list for a decent amount.( w/no service charges from them) Both parties in the sale were happy ( neither of us got screwed) Saw this tv. ad for Gazelle .com. So, just for the helluvit I checked to see what they would have given me for my old Bose unit . Which by the way was in new cond. .Everything included even the original box. The big ” G” offered to give me a whopping $37.00 !! I was not really shocked , since most T.V. ad’s are bullshit. I know that they’d just resell & maybe deserve to make a profit . But ,come on ! & 37.00 !!! I sold it for way more and have a clear conscience that the buyer did not get a shitty deal. I’m glad I didn’t use their “service” to sell my item. What F@#%*ng CROOKS!! Well I guess I’ve learned my lesson . Never second guess , it can lead to finding out horrible truths .

  11. Thank you for all the helpful reviews, they have saved me aggravation. It’s interesting to know that in today’s technological world a whole company can base their product on ripping off the public legally. Let the buyer beware for sure. God Bless America.

    • this place is just like any 2nd hand store,pawn shop,repair center (of any kind) they are ripping ppl of but it has nothing to do with the era, one mans trash is another mans treaser* its allways been this way and allways will be.they pay for adds,website,24cs tech to fix items for resale. i mean rly its a fucking buisness. its notthe guy down the road that wants to buy every thing for pennys then sell it at the flemarket for dollars. i am not takeing up for them i hate companys like this. but if i told you “hey i know this guy that has a car for sale he wants $1k for it with a new paint job we can resale it for $2k” am i riping the guy off? i say not! he gets what he wants i put some time in and i make money. i mean rly come the f*ck on thats the way the world works allways has allways will, its nothing new and thers nothign wrong with it. oh and p.s. sry to make this post as a reply to your post paula nothing personle i just couldnt read any more of these bunch of whiney ass kids anymore. (oh you made some many off what i sold you, how fucking dear you! your not in buisness to make money!! oh wait yes you are im so sry i forgot my age there for a min……

      • I think its different though if they want you to pay to “give” them things to sell. if your willing to take it off my hands then good but don’t charge to do it put out bins like everyone else. They r scamers. If not why just not come clean and say it. I know why because people lie about things when they know they were wrong! Do you lie about things you do that were right and you feel good about? Ummmm hello

        • O and to just disconnect the conversation is the same as hanging up in someone’s face RUDE not how u do business . They woulda just answered instead of talking in circles (trained to do) it would be easier for all involved. Plus they know they offers r Shitty that why they email a second offer to you if u don’t except the first

  12. get this I have an android phone that’s a month old and they said that they want me to recycle it it doesn’t even have anything wrong with it I still have the box and everything these motherfuckers all they’re trying to do is get over on you and take your shit for free i am not ever going to use this site it sucks balls if I was any body I would never go on the site they’re just gonna take yurshit of you for free im not gonna give these bitches a free phone a brand new 1 at that kiss my ass and I’m talkin a brand new expensive 250 dollar phone never use this site it sucks!!!!

  13. They offered me $156.00 for an older blackberry (never been used & in box). After reading all of these reviews – should I not trust that??!

  14. I’ve never been so dumb founded in my entire life they wanted me to give them my nikon d 40 for only 93 dollars whenever it is in perfectly mint condition I am outraged….. website need to go down

  15. They are a bunch of dumb a##.
    They want me to sell my HTC g2 for $54 dollars.
    If anyone had head on there shoulders they would sell there shit on eBay.

  16. Scam site that won’t be around in a few years. Retailers are now getting into this game and BS sites like this will go away. Anyone stupid enough to use Gazelle should not be on the internet in the first place.

  17. [James] Why am i not getting an offer on my item?
    [Lisa] Hello, and welcome to Gazelle! My name is Lisa and I’m here to help.
    [James] hello
    [Lisa] How are you today James?
    [James] im angry
    [Lisa] I’m sorry to hear that
    [Lisa] How can I assist you today?
    [James] you can assist me by giving me a reasonable offer for my item
    [James] i am only getting about 300 dollars for a perfect condition macbook pro that i paid 1200 dollars about 5 months ago
    [James] is that really a fair offer?
    [James] everything is there and the computer is flawless!!!
    [James] are you there Lisa???
    [Lisa] Unfortunately i’m not able to adjust your offer for you
    [James] I just dont think its fair that im only getting a 300 dollar offer for a flawless computer
    [James] it was 1200 dollars 5 months ago
    [Lisa] I understand our offers do fluctuate daily
    [James] so will i get more if i check tomorrow???
    [Lisa] I can’t guarantee what offer you will receive tomorrow it may increase or decrease
    [James] It can decrease more than $300??????!!!!!!!!!!!
    [James] How is that even possible???? its a macbook pro!!!!!!!!!
    [Lisa] I do apologize
    [James] Oh thank goodness you’re back
    [Lisa] You can try to get another offer tomorrow but as I stated above I can’t guarantee what the offers will be day to day for any of our items
    [James] Hahah No its alright Lisa i know this is all a scam and that this company is legally ripping people off. thank you and have a good day ;-)
    [Lisa] Thanks for reaching out to us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if we can be of any further assistance.
    [Lisa] Have a great day also

  18. LOL! This may be the best written article ever about Gazelle!! Even seeing the Gazelle commercials makes me want to punch the TV screen. Complete crooks!!

  19. gazelle is vc funded and privately owned. so you can never know for sure weather they will go under tomorrow. come on. a high school-er can run the same business out of his garage!

  20. I cannot honestly believe people would think this is legit? Seriously, if you believe that they’ll buy your equipment without some sort of scam then you clearly have been lying under a rock and/or mentally challenged. No one is ever gonna give you a sweet deal like this, EVER (caps to point out the statement). You pretty much have a higher chance at winning something from those spam emails that’s says “you’ve won…” (sarcasm for those that don’t follow).

    Use EBay or Amazon to sell your items since they hbe the greatest track record and customer service, use you bloody head before hitting sites like this, I’ve already read a few of these comments and seriously question their common sense. But honestly if you thought this was legit, there clearly is no hope for you, might as well give them the cash in a envelope to save the trouble.

    I am not sugar coating this, use that god given brain for a change and think about the dumb stuff like this out there. People like us survive and people dumb enough to buy into Gazelle.

  21. I don’t get any of your comments. Gazelle is an option. Like any biz, you have a CHOICE as to whether you use them or not. They have a biz model that may or may not work in the long run. I had one good and one bad experience with them. A scam implies that they are deceiving you to scam you. They are upfront about their policies…you don’t have to agree with them.

  22. I tried my brand new (replaced) iPod Touch 4G 32 GB (for fun). Perfect battery, charges like in half an hour. No original cable but in perfect condition. 300 iPod! $68! Ha! Could get triple that on craigslist.

  23. Gazelle sounded too good to be true and thus I googled it to see if my instincts were correct. Found your blog, thank you for posting this! Love the csr chats–too funny. Hope everyone finds out about this and they come clean (yeah, right–scammers are soulless scumbags and have no conscience, they’ll be around as long as people are foolish enough to be taken by them).

  24. I dont have anything to say about selling electronics on gazelle but i hate the dumbass gazelle bitch from the commercial.she talks all sideways and stupid and only some of her teeth are yellow which is the side she shows you with her dumbass talky sideways shit.

  25. I jus received my box from about 4 days ago but for some reason I didn’t send in the iPhone 4s I said I would they offered me $167 which seemed reasonable at the time but reading all these comments really changed my mind!! Guess I’ll jus keep my phone or sell it on eBay!! Disappointed Me!!! Lol

  26. gazelle low balled me on my iphone 5, that is, once they received it. Then a few days later, i stumbled upon their ebay site, and found they had sold my phone for 3 times what they paid me on their ebay store, ‘gazelle store’ I left a bad review on resellerratings, which seems to be their main review site, and 3 days later, my review was pulled and ten new positive reviews too place of the bad one i had written. So they are ripping off customers, reselling for huge profits, and then using those profits to pay people to remove bad reviews, and replace with positive. UN BE LEIVEABLE. If you look at their reviews, they are ALL GLOWING – how wonderful they are. They literrally must be working day and night to turn the bad press into good, and no wonder, they made $300 dollars on myself alone. crooks – scoundrels

  27. It’s funny reading these comments. All of you accuse it of being a scam, yet none of you have actually tried it. The reason that the offers are so low is the fact that they have to make money too. They can buy your iPhone for the same price. Otherwise, Gazelle would end up with a bunch of electronics and even more debt. Try it. If it doesn’t work, then it’s a scam.

  28. I used Gazelle to trade in a phone back in July. I had a pretty good experience. They honored their offer and the trade-in was completed and paid in about a week. The only thing I didn’t like is that their offer was significantly less than what I could sell it for on eBay or Craigslist. However this is expected since they need to have a profit margin of their own to have a successful business.

  29. Gazelle gives me a lower value for the same item that someone lese looks up from a different IP address. That complete bullish*t, just because I do business with you, don’t screw me over. The call it “dynamic pricing”.. i.e ripoff. Sell locally and avoid these scumbags.

  30. 1st interaction with Gazelle was on ebay bought a or really paid for a xt1080 Droid Ultra 359 bucks (new 440) they sent me a phone the very wrong phone DroidX MB810 a phone you can find on ebay for about 15 bucks. it was not even close to wait I ordered and paid for. And Now I can’t find anyone that cares to fix it at Gazelle will end up getting money from ebay maybe in 30 days so I going to get on as many sites as I can and tell as many people as I can what happened and how I have been treated, how this stops people from dealing with them.
    From a very unsatisfied customer. Yet not really a customer, feel like more of a Mark or Pigeon some sucker that was conned out of 350 bucks.

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