Follow-up to those “Card Services” scam calls I posted about.

If you’ve been getting harassing telephone calls with spoofed caller ID’s (the most recent being much too long phone numbers starting with “1506″), I’ve tracked the company down.

I haven’t verified their actual name yet, but they operate out of Tampa Florida, in Suite 100 of an office building at 8413 Laurel Fair Circle. There is a company called “Corporate Sales Leads” in Suite 101 there, so they may have their offices in one suite and their call center in another.

The number I called to finally speak to someone was 813-418-5811, which was answered by “Naomi from Human Services.” She apologized and took my information to supposedly take my number out of their computers. Especially after I warned that I’m on the DNC list.

She asked how I had managed to trace the calls to her company? I said “lots and lots of research.” She said “oh,” and promised to process the information by the end of the day.

Well, now you don’t need to do “lots and lots of research” (even a quick Google search which will eventually find them). Next time you get a call from “Heather from Account Services,” hang up and call Naomi. Then file a complaint with the FTC.

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  1. If you can verify that you have the correct toll-free numbers for the scammers, call them from pay phones whenever you want to give them a piece of your mind. According to Wikipedia, owners of toll-free numbers in the US have to pay a $0.494 fee for each call they receive from a pay phone. It won’t bankrupt them, but it might annoy them a little. :-)

    • I get calls from these same people. I did some research and found their phone number. 1-888-654-2988
      The first time I called this number, I asked the person what their company does, and the lady hung up on me. So I am sure this is the same company.

    • Want to really get revenge on them?
      1) Have paper ready.
      2) Be ready to provide them FAKE info. Keep the first 4 digits of your credit card and give fake numbers for the rest of the card, your ssn, birthdate etc. Write the fake numbers down as they will ask you to repeat them. (They know your name, address and phone #. Dont give that fake info).
      3) After they try to verify your info, you will be asked to repeat. Pretend to have crossed a couple digits. Reread, but “correct” the fake info you give them with more fake info.
      4) It helps if you talk real slow, like you suffer some form of mental disability.
      5) The point is to string them along as much as possible.
      I usually end the call by telling them that I will continue to waste their time everytime they call. They WILL get pissed. :)

      • This is why they use robo calls now. They used to call with live people but some people on reddit decided the best way to fight them was to make the calls as long as possible. The calls stopped. Then robots started calling.

      • paid liveforsuccesstoday 888-506-2948 FL.$890.00 on8-8-2012 to help reduce interest rate on CC’s but service not rendered.Cannot reach company at any phone # provided,filed complaint thru BBB,still no results 2-25-2012 Government should investigate & prosecute these scondrels!

  2. It really PISSES THEM OFF if you hit 1 to speak to someone, then inform them that the call is being recorded. Have fun with them. They’re bothering you, BOTHER BACK.

    • I did the same thing. I hit one to speak to someone. I’ve hit 3 in the past which his supposed to make it so you “no longer receive these calls” but that never seemed to work so I started hitting one. Each time I’ve gotten the person on the phone I’ve asked what the name of the company is and they hang up on me. One time I said stop calling my number and the lady said I should have picked 3. Well I told her I picked 3 the last 4 times they called and it didn’t seem to work so I tried this method….hitting 1 so I could actually talk to a human to tell them not to call. She gave me some bogus phone number to call (which she said so fast and hung up that I didn’t catch the number) It certainly was not the number listed in this post. I would tell people just to ignore the calls and hang up on them when they do call but they tend to call several times a day, it seems. I don’t have caller ID so I can’t tell if it’s them calling or not until it’s too late. I have a mother that is not well so I always answer the phone, getting these stupid calls is annoying. Why can’t the government catch these creeps and put them in jail. We can send a guy to the moon and cure some cancers but for some reason we can’t find out where these jerks are and arrest them for fraud?

  3. Something I plan to try the next time: hit #1 and then say, “I’m required by law to inform you that this is the Federal Bureau of Investigation and this call is being recorded.”

  4. I just received a call from “Card Services”, I pressed one and John answered. He informed me I could reduce my interest rate on my Visa and Mastercard credit cards. i then asked what name was on the cards and he hung up. My next action is filing a complaint with the FTC. I have Discover not Visa or Mastercard.

    • 888-654-2988 this number does work.
      They say they are not affiliated with Crredit Card Services but I have spoken to several different people at this number all of which have given me a different company name, 1st it was VCS, then CMS and the last rep said the company was CMA none of which exist. They have “no website” or the “website was just taken down this morning”. They somehow know exactly what the rep who called from card services said to me (I didnt disclose that) but maintain that they are not affiliated with Credit Card Services in any way and that they think their number was spoofed??? Ok. Each person had a different story and when I asked for a supervisor I was hung up on.

      • 888-654-2988 – This number doesn’t seem to work anymore. I get “Due to network difficulties your call can not be completed as dialed.”

  5. I have gotten 3 calls in 4 weeks for “cars services” , my last and final call” to reduce my interest rate. I also press 1 and along for sometime and just when they want my credit card numbers I ask for their website, city and state and ask if he will hang up if I ask more questions.

    I even got a supervisor yesterday and said isn’t in my best interest to perform due diligence on your company and he could not provide the website until I am a customer. I even said in order for me to do business with you, I need to call you back. Again that also was not possible.

    I reminded that them that I am on the DNC and told them i pressed the proper button previously to be added to their DNC list.

    Yes please keep them on the line to see if you can waste their time and /or get company information to post.

    The caller today said the. Implant is in FL but called from OR and when I asked whT town in FL he mumbled twice so I asked him to spell it nd he hung up.


  6. I have had over 100 calls from these ASSHOLES!! I am getting sick of the harassment, and I even went to my local Police Dept to file a harassment case….They told me I am shit out of luck since it is out of state…Always Naomi from the recorded message, and I get cussed out, and hung up on every time I ask to be taken off the call list…I called the BBB today, and was told there is nothing I can do as long as they are using generated phone numbers….I really need to know city/state these people are from….I am going to file a class action suit against them when I get this info……

    • A little research uncovered the following company names/addresses. I called “live for success today” and was met with the same type of rude and abusive agents that many people here are complaining about – they wouldn’t even give the address. This is all public information that is freely available on the internet.


      Status: Active Filing Date: 10/04/2010
      Entity Type: Domestic Limited-liability Company File Number: L10000103714

      Company Age: 1 Year 5 Months

      Principal Address: 121 S. Orange Avenue
      Orlando, FL 32801 Mailing Address: P.o. Box 2424
      Orlando, FL 32801
      Registered Agent: Rios, Elkin D
      28 W. Esther St.
      Apt. C
      Orlando, FL 32806
      The website lists a seemingly bogus address: 10801 Starkey, Seminole, fl. This is a shopping center. It has a UPS store, they may have a box at this store.
      Some further research on reveals:
      consumer credit group
      14830 56th st. n
      clearwater, Florida 33760
      United States

      Registered through:, LLC (
      Created on: 07-Dec-11
      Expires on: 07-Dec-13
      Last Updated on: 07-Dec-11

      Administrative Contact:
      robinson, dale
      consumer credit group
      14830 56th st. n
      clearwater, Florida 33760
      United States
      (727) 692-7295 <<<—————————————————————————

      Robinson is connected to a Lokesh S. James, who is also affiliated with several other companies.
      Information on James from county tax collector’s office:
      JAMES, LOKESH S — Real Estate at 7845 12TH ST N, ST PETERSBURG
      Billing address 2011 annual bill JAMES, LOKESH S
      1983 IOWA AVE NE
      ST PETERSBURG, FL 33703-3425
      Paid 2011-11-30 $793.74
      Receipt #727-11-000340 Homestead exemption Account number R273745 / Parcel Number 25/30/16/98406/001/0220

      JAMES, LOKESH SIMON — Real Estate at 9750 68TH ST, PINELLAS PARK
      Owner address 2011 annual bill JAMES, LOKESH SIMON
      9750 68TH ST
      PINELLAS PARK, FL 33782-2965
      Paid 2011-11-25 $1,019.38
      Receipt #0-11-000140 Homestead exemption Account number R209860 / Parcel Number 19/30/16/71209/000/0260

      Billing address 2011 annual bill SINGH, TAMIKA
      1983 IOWA AVE NE
      ST PETERSBURG, FL 33703-3425
      Paid 2011-11-29 $7,310.52
      Receipt #0-11-000240 Homestead exemption Account number R29159 / Parcel Number 03/31/17/93878/009/0030

      **Weldon may only be the prior owner of this residence – he may or may not have any business affiliation with Lokesh/Robinson.

      FYI: In my county of residence, it is illegal to have more than one homestead exemption.

      • if the information you gave is about the people that call you say that they are account service, it can’t be right because i’ve been called by them about twice a week for the last THREE years.

        • No, it can be right. The Card Services and Account Services scammers are getting hit hard by the FCC and the FTC, so they are opening shell addresses faster than they can be kept up with. They are now spoofing numbers to make it harder to report them.

    • I think the only thing we can do is find out the EXACT address of the company and then take a road trip down there and kick some ass !!!
      I about ready……

  7. The FCC (not the FTC) is well aware of this. It is their #1 complaint. They just passed a law requiring that all robo-callers get written permission from their customers. The problem is, like the DNCL, it’s not going to be enforced. To file a complaint to the DNC you have to have the caller’s company name and phone number. Both of which are spoofed and hidden. It’s near impossible to file a complaint because the DNC rules make it so. Additionally, although the law passed, it will take up to 6 months to clear hurdles to get fully enacted. This is all for naught because they will not be able enforce the law. They may get them once but because this is so profitable, the criminals will simply move and open up shop elsewhere.

    I was getting two calls a night. Funny, after the law passed (yet not implemented) the calls stopped. I’m sure this is only temporary. Like others, selecting #1 and talking to someone to get info is returned with scorn, foul language and heavy call ending hang-ups on their part.

    The FCC is listening though. If we all keep complaining to the FCC about this, perhaps they will do something more then just pass another un-enforced law. Remember these guy are scammers. They don’t care about the FCC rules.

    Note where it says the caller MUST include a valid caller I.D. This assumes the caller is a legal business. The Card Services organization is a scam to get you credit card info. They’re already breaking the law, so they don’t care about the caller I.D. requirement.

    More info…

  8. i really dont mind them calling me now because i have a way of really pissing them off
    i press one then tell them i have 200,000 dollars in credit card debt.when they ask for my number i tell them 432123456789101112 this really pisses them off i was told “i was waisting there time” lol i say dont you want my business as i am laughing my butt off at them!!!

    • I do the same thing and pretend I am $5,000 in debt. If they are wasting my time, I am going to waste theirs and make them really mad.

      I also try speaking different languages which usually results in a hang up. Lately I have started cursing at them in different ways.

      I am running out of ideas so let me know if anyone as any others.

      • Someone I know tells the caller that they have about $1 million in debt spread over about 16 different credit cards. Then my friend proceeds to list the name of every bank and how much debt he “owes” on each card. He takes his time, sometimes pretending he has only some of the cards with him and has to go retrieve the others from another room or something. He asks them distracting questions throughout, like “Should I just start paying through you guys? Do you need my checking account information too? Oh, wait, I left my checkbook in my car…let me go get it.” “Oh, sorry, my dog just hopped in my lap and I dropped some of my cards. Do you have a dog? I love my dog so much. His name is Mittens,” etc. In all, he can waste about 10-15 minutes of their time before they catch on that he is scamming them right back..

  9. I have complained at least 3 times to ‘FTC’. My calls are coming from Orlando,Fla.(407-476-5501) & Woodburn,Or (503-902-8477). Everytime I opt to talk to someone & try telling them off….they hang up on me. THIS IS “BULL”!!!

  10. Have had conversation with Brian Gabriel COO from Sound Telecom in Seattle,WA.
    He says that there company is not involved,but I looked up caller id who called me and they are listed as Sound you look up telemarketers in Starke,FL, you have sound listed.not sure who’s lying!anyone near Starke,FL ought to call for an appointment to set up an account.maybe then we will see what’s up.tell them Brian Gabriel sent you.

  11. END of card holder services…….with approx, 30 minutes of reasearch on the internet i located to origins of card holder services , they are owned by TERREMARK Co. which in turn is owned by another company who probably didn’t want it known that they were the real theives…. that company is ….VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC. th eCEO is listed as Lowell C. McAdam 140 west st. NY, NY. 10007 ……i tried in vain to talk to the CEO but every lacky i talked to said NO , but i finally found the number for the ceo s’ mouthpiece his name is demetrius polinick the number is 1-888-483-7770 i talked to this guy and told him of the calls that id been getting from CHS and told him that if the calls didn’t stop NOW that i would sue anyone and everyone involved with the co. ……..that was a couple of months ago now and i haven’t recieved any more calls since spread the word an how to end this your welcome ME

  12. I get calls from these people about 5 times per week. When I ask about being on the DNC list, they hang up on me. Now when they call, I keep them on the phone for a while playing along with them. Then I ask them to turn up their volume because I claim to not be able to hear them. When it is nice and loud, I grab the whistle that I have in my car for football practice and blow it as loud as I can into the phone. If they keep bothering me, I will keep bothering them…

  13. Same problem here, getting calls 4-5 times a week on my CELL, which is registered in do not call.
    I even spoke with ATT, they said they could not trace the original number from which the call originated. So they left me with no solution.

    Only one option – most newer smartphones have capability to black-list numbers and automatically reject the call. These suckers do use multiple fake numbers, but i noticed that the numbers from which they call are not that many – just black list/block each one if you can, this will help reduce the calls.
    For those without smart-phones, ask your cell or land line provider if they can block the numbers for you…
    I hope they do get sued one day by a hungry malnutritioned lawyer:)

    • I was forced to sign up for “Smart Limits” with AT&T (paying an extra $5 / month) just to stop these calls from Account Services / Card Services. And every time I get a call from a new number, I block them. The problem is I still get tons of calls from new numbers .. and AT&T allows only a max of 30 numbers to block .. what happens when I run out of numbers to block … so far this is the list of numbers that they have called me from:

      Blocked Numbers
      1 (216) 744-4009
      2 (303) 249-9700
      3 (347) 218-0531
      4 (513) 417-0498
      5 (515) 421-5843
      6 (617) 390-4562
      7 (785) 207-6317
      8 (801) 647-0293
      9 (802) 230-6357
      10 (920) 602-0879
      11 (971) 295-9768

      I received 5 calls today … from 3 different numbers … At this rate, my max of 30 blocked calls will run out in a couple of weeks. Then what??!!

      • Delete some of the older numbers on your list – they are spoofing numbers, and they only use spoofed numbers for so long before they move on to a new spoofed number.

  14. Ok people are you receiving the call to lower your credit card debt from ‘universal card services’? If so you’re way of by guessing Florida. The companies real name is Relief That Works and the operate from Phoenix AZ but they aren’t allowed to tell you the real name untill they have received all your information so you know who will be charging you. I know this because I used to work there and that place should be closed down. The boss Jeff is the worst of them all, he tells employees to treat people like crap if they won’t give you the information. They supposedly treat you like family there and say that everything you’re doing is legit but come payday you’re check bountbthey act like its not their fault. Fuck that place and for you trying to figure out their real number its 1866.706.2877 you can find all their real information on there website. I suggest touring them because if you try to call them to give them a ‘piece of you’re mind’ they will cuss you out and hang up on you.

    • Most people report calls from “Rachel with Account Services” or “Rachel with Card Services.” They’ll never tell you the real name of the company of course. This company may have call centers in only a few places, but they use shell addresses all over the United States to attempt to stay one step ahead of the FCC and the FTC.

  15. I just SCAM THE SCAMMER… After approximately 45 minutes of listening all kind of BS, using a random credit Card number, a fake name, fake debt, etc. they presented me with the options to solve my problems. They stated to be able to see my debt (???) and wanted to get my routing and bank account information. They provided me with the information to contact them (they only will give you this info if you get to talk to an advisor). IT IS TIME FOR US TO GET TOGETHER AND SCREW THEM:

    Their phone number is: 1-877-398-2594 (Corporate Number – the actual owner picks up the calls which coincidentally is the SO CALLED ADVISOR)
    IF YOU CALL (*67) 1 855 231 2847 a rep. will pick up thinking you dialed 1 to be redirected to them but NO INFORMATION about you will be populated on their screen. PLEASE REMEMBER TO DIAL *67 in front of the 1-855 number to make your call PRIVATE)

    By entering the information provided (Costumer service number) on Google I pulled their website:
    I called the office again dialing *67 before the number and the same person that introduced to me as the ADVISOR confined to me their address in Orlando.

    They are located at:

    Gatlin Shopping Center
    111 Gatlin Ave
    Orlando, Florida 32806
    Their CONTACT INFO is:
    TELEPHONE: + 1 407-406-5881
    FAX: + 1 407-06-5887
    FREEPHONE: + 1 877-398-2594

    PLEASE File complains with, DONOTCALL.GOV and

    If you go to you will NOT get any information about who is the website registered under since have been marked as PRIVATE. The only chance we have to get them is to report them.

    I have also sent the tip to the FBI using their website Go ahead and send this information.

    Hope this help and most of all I hope the get screwed big time.

    • The 855 and 877 numbers listed no longer work. The 855 number has been disconnected, and the 877 number now says that the call cannot be completed as dialed – strangely, I called the operator and asked her to try the number for me too, and she got the same message.

      I attend college in Orlando, however, and I plan to drive by Gatlin Ave. and have a look-see. It’s just a couple of miles south of Orlando Regional Medical Center off South Orange Avenue.

  16. Are any members of Congress paying attention to these sites and your/our comments? Does the FCC care??? I also called the Pollinick person and his secretary said they are not affiliated w/these CHS people. The CHS folks, when you get to talk w/someone, deny they called “because the call was routed to them” but when you tell them to go away, they insult you…..the word for today was DUMMY. Wow. At least it wasn’t B****


    • You best believe it one of our precious Senators were threatened the caller would be identified. The bottom line is that our congress does not care and if they do not care there are not repercussions for their actions. All I want is the ability to see the address of the caller as well and then I would be happy to take it form there.

  18. Wow. Every single post that claims to know who’s behind the robocalls has given different information in different locations. It’s probably safe to assume that either (A) No one knows what they’re talking about, or (B) the robocalls regarding credit card debt are coming from this many sources.

    • As someone in the financial industry in fraud who is actively working with customers to combat this. I can say your comment is correct.Many of the things I see lead to multiple pseudo companies using the same scam.


  20. I’ve never done it but I have heard that, when you get to a live person to speak with, blowing a loud police whistle into the phone usually gets their attention.

  21. While I like the whistle idea, I’m getting an AIR HORN to blow in their ears.
    I get multiple calls from “Card Services” every week. I have repeatedly pressed whatever number they ask me to, to “opt out of further calls” yet they still keep coming. Finally, I started pressing 1 to speak to someone. The other day I was connected to the filthiest operator in the world. After refusing to put me through to a supervisor, he proceeded to ask me what I was wearing, what I looked like, if I was horny & sexually active, etc. I swear, if I get a chance to participate in a class action lawsuit against these scumbags, I most DEFINITELY will!

  22. Call the FTC at : 1-877-382-4357 and go to the website:


    For the line on the complaint form requiring the telephone number of the company making the spoof robocalls, enter a b.s. number, such as the 813-418-5811 or other numbers listed above. It will not allow you to complete the complaint form without a number entered, so just type something in so that you can at least file a complaint.

    I also called the FTC and filed a complaint with them. According to the FTC website, they are holding a large public summit in October to deal with the ever-growing problem of robo-call scams. So at least it seems that they are really taking this problem seriously.

    The representative on the phone told me to never dial “1″ to speak to someone, because they will just keep calling more often. So as tempting as it is to f*ck with them, there really is no point. They usually wind up hanging up on me before I get a change to say anything, anyway.

  23. I received a call today AGAIN. So many times in the past, I have pressed the “3″ because that is supposed to stop the calls. Guess again! It is just an irritant. Today I pressed “1″ to speak with an operator who would help me. When someone finally answered, I began with “I have received these calls so many times, and repeatedly I have asked they be stopped…….” and at that point, she hung up on me.
    It seems there is no possible way to stop these harrassing calls. Very frustrating.
    I have read many many of the comments, and they all seem to say the same thing. The phone number on my phone dial today was: 407-476-5680 listed as “Card Services”.

  24. Ok…I am now instructing everyone in my family to have fun with them. Today, I got another one, on a number that you cant redial, it has 3 zeros in the middle. Anyway, I listen to the recording, press 9 and then just let them ramble. I use a fake number for my debt, then today the obviously foreign guys asks if my debt is on a weeza or a mastercharge… I asked him what a weeza was. I told him I had a Visa, and he said, yeah, thats what I said, and I said no, you said weeza…he said yes. So I said, I don’t have a Weeza, but have a mastercard, in which he asked me another question, then I said, I am sorry, I only speak english, and that he would need an interperator in which he hung up. The other day, I received one, and said that I wanted some more info on him before I proceeded, and he said F you, mother F’er….. LOL I have taken an annoyance and turned it into mid day fun. If I don’t have time, I simply hang up, if I am feeling frisky, I actually play with them….. No harm, no foul. Waste their time, they will eventually stop.

  25. To all of those who have commented that the information is not correct. Your wrong, multiple “companies”, and most of the information is correct about the culprits in my opinion. Want proof? Just google the phone numbers, and replace the last 3 digits of the phone number with ??? in the google search bar. This results in all the complaints from people in those 1000 numbers searched for.

    The conclusion? Simple, “Pacific Telecom Group”, who is a registered “telco” in multiple states owns the blocks for the thousands of numbers they use. The gimmick is, pacific telecom group is making money off of each calls caller ID, while their “clients” they claim no affiliation with/no liability defense.. . Of course, like all the “companies” in this scam, some of which the FTC has already sued, this company is probably itself owned by a larger one….

  26. I found out how to get back at these turds!
    Take the call and act as if your interested. Give them bogus last 4 of your SSN if they ask. Once they are hooked, disconnect the call. They will call you back from their private extension (a different number). Then you can call that number back and harass them to your hearts content. Apparently the agent thinks it’s just another incoming call and doesn’t get my caller ID because I’ve called back 8 times and she always answers politely till I ask for customer service and she finds hangs up again…… LMAO

    BTW – the private extension I got today was 321-800-5757
    The initial call from the machine was 407-476-5538

  27. At the BBB site you can several locations and phone numbers for Card Services. Here are a few:
    America Financial Leadership aka Card Services
    (877) 898-0122
    A+ Financial Center, LLC aka Card Services
    Phone: (877) 748-2626
    American Benefits Club aka Card Services
    Phone: (800) 546-2536
    America Financial Leadership aka Card Services
    Additional Locations
    Phone: (877) 898-0122

    1990 N. Alma School Road #395, Chandler, AZ 85224

  28. After YEARS of this company calling me and filing three complaints with the FTC, I found out today that I could press *87 (verizon) to trace the call. The call is then traced by Unlawful Call Department. You have to sign a form before they send you the phone number, name and address associated with the phone number. Then, I can actually attach it to the complaint forms. With my original DNC confirmation from 2007, pictures of and call logs of each time they’ve called, copies of my FTC complaints and now with the trace, I hope to sue them. It is my understanding you can sue for each infringement ie, calling after 9 pm, robo call, and unsolicited etc. I am pursing this as far as I can.

  29. Here’s the name of the company who provides the phone lines they use. Complain to THEM about “Card Services” flagrant disregard for the law.

    Chief Executive Officer
    John Barnicle
    222 S. Riverside Plz., Ste. 2730
    Chicago, IL 60606
    Phone: (312) 506-0930
    In-State Designated Agent
    Daniel Meldazis
    222 S. Riverside Plz., Ste. 2730
    Chicago, IL 60606
    Phone:  (312) 506-0933

  30. I have gotten about 100 of these calls, they all go about like the ones described here. Today I got one from 701-671-9447. So, I called it back. Usually this goes nowhere as it is a fake ID. Not today….I got an automated answer that told me that in order to comply with the FCC I could opt out of calls. I had to enter my number, and verify the number that called me….and it would be removed in 24-72 hours. Now, this could be fake too, but maybe they slipped and called from one of their “real” lines….oh well, we will see.

  31. I woild like to know the states and cities people are from who are getting the annoying “Account Services” calls. It would make a difference to government officials
    if they understand how wide spread this is. All my kids live out of state and I want to answer the phone incase one of them has a problem or emergency. I can’t tell you the number of times I have gotten these calls and the number of times I almost fell off a ladder only to find this same annoyance. I also had the same problems others have had. I think the solution is to have a record of the number of states where someone has provided their states ATTORNY GENERALS Office with a request for action. If someone started this kind of action and a list of states attorney generals was compiled, they usually work together to file a class action lawsuit. I plan to file this information with the Iowa attorney generals office. Perhaps the person who has this web page could compile a list. I will post when this is done. So Pa Blog start a collection and please ask people for state and city as well as name/email and perhaps we all can become involved in such a law suit. Karen S Des Moines, Ia

  32. I don’t get why they think it’s a good idea to keep calling people who they know aren’t going to bite. Even if they’re using robo-callers, it reduces the number of ‘genuine’ prospects they can call. Are they just stupid?

  33. I called the numbers that Chris gave above. Only one worked and was answered by a recording saying that they have been shut down by the FTC and to get further info at . I went there to find it is run by the law firm Berger Singerman. I called and spoke with Rosanne who was SHOCKED that this company was still calling people as they are “shut down”. She had me send an email to all of the lawyers on the web site and let them know what was going on still. They said I was the first to call them since the shut down and they thought all calls had been stopped. If you are still getting calls you should make contact with the lawfirm. The emails are on the website. Now be careful with your information and what you give them. I do believe this to be legit, but you never know. I simply gave my first name, state and phone number and a quick summary of the calls. Hope this helps.

  34. after doing some research off the web. It looks like the FTC is holding or had a contest in which by asking the public to help put a stop to these people-the winner will be annouced this April. As for the last jackA$$ i spoke to 2 days ago if you press 1 that puts you in a que-oddly enough that was 2 days ago and I still get the calls. If the public ever finds out who these clowns are this is going to get very messy.

  35. These people are relentless… and retarded. Why would you want to continue to call the same people that are saying that they are not interested? I get a call from them almost every day… I looked up a great call on youtube, where the homeowner used a soundboard (Dr. Phil’s voice)… The “Card Services” person stayed on the line for like 10-20 minutes interacting with Dr. Phil’s voice… HIGH-larious:

    I am going to figure out something that is funny to run with, when these people call… what a joke! They call almost EVERY DAY!

  36. Whenever they call, I press 1 and hand the phone to my homeschooled 7-year-old, and he gets to make burp and fart noises as long as they stay on the phone. He has great fun, and it really irritates the callers. Sometimes they hang up, other times they stay on the line. One guy told him he was going to send the police to our house. LOL. The lady today told him that she was just going to keep calling back forever. So he told her, “I don’t care if you call back; I will still burp and fart when I want!” LOL

  37. When the same thing occured to me last year, I spoke with a “Mark” w/Card Services. He told me I had a credit score of “788″, and how he could save me about $250.00 a month in interest charges on allof my credit cards. Which was really strange too me, as I didn’t owe much in credit card charges to begin with. For a 1(ONE) time fee of $690.00, charged to any of the 1(ONE) credit cards that I had in my possession, would cover me and my spouse for all credit cards we had in our names. Then “Mark” wanted me to speak with “Allen” w/ Global Services/Global Solutions, and both of those names were mentioned. I recieved a Conformation ID#:/ Contract#:, which, both numbers were thes same. They provided me with a User Name and Password, “So I could go into thier website and check on my services that they were going to provide for me and my spouse”. a lady by the name of “Emily” would be taking care of all the billing information and if I had any questions regarding this call I was given a toll free number of “1-888-852-5042″ I could call 7(SEVEN) days a week, 24(TWENTY-FOUR) hours a day. Does any of this sound familiar?

  38. I’m fiftyseven years old,been through two divorces,have 16 grandchildren,and 4 great grandchildren and am still dumfounded-amazed that our government allowes these guys to operate on such a wide scale.Desperate “boomers” beware of calls to help with reducing credit card interest rates!

  39. If the FCC would offer a cash reward to call center employees for reporting the illegal calls, disgruntled call center employees could collect the reward as they are exiting their job. The problem would be gone forever in a few days by turning employees into snitches.
    when you get an annoying call you could push the button to talk to a “representative” and tell the call center rep about the reward program. Who wouldn’t want to report illegal activity of their employer when they quit their job.
    Call the FCC now and demand they take action and offer rewards.

  40. I receive two to three calls daily from these mother fuckers and I’ve blocked about 10 numbers now. It has cut down on the volume of calls I’ve received but some still get through. Lately I just press one to speak to a scammer and then read Liam Neisons monologue from Taken. Anyone who agrees to work for these companies should be gassed.

  41. I am an agent who works in this company… i have been working there for many months…we are the agents who are decieved by the upper management…all we do is to get the customer info and then pass it to the advisor who we dont know what he do next…. moreover we are complaing every day to them to stop calling the uninterested clients and to respect people….the manegement department tells us that we are really helping people and that we are not scammers..

    to a certain point for me as an agent i really verify very normal info. that can’t not scam the client and never ask for CVV or SSN..

    WHAT SHOKCED ME REALLY when i noticed just right now that they charge the clients what a huge amount of money without doing anyhing in exchange,,,,

    i TRIED TO DO MY BEST TO STOP THIS BUSINESS..but really i can’t do nothing alone…PLEASE PEOPLE HELP ME and i will relase all the info. about us….

    I will be following this post everyday and i hope we can get to the best results…

    FROM me as an agent I REALLY DO APLOGIZE HUNDRED MILLION TIMES TO ALL THE PEOPLE ..AND from now on i will work will all of you to stop this miserable business as soon as possible….

    SORRY AGAIN….. THE nightmare will ends soon…



    I AM SORRY :(:(:(.

  42. i received a call from a number that belongs to a property management company. it was actually a call from card holder services. today that same number called me and i answered it, but guess who is also using that same number…. the medical alert scam company. i bet if the fcc were to shut down the medical alert scam company, those card holder services calls would become fewer. i believe they are the same people. i asked the lady i spoke with from the “medical alert” company and she said they are the same company. i’m not 100% sure on it but i really think they are. if u find one i bet the other one will be in the mix…. please some one shut the 2 of those down.

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