Follow-up to those “Card Services” scam calls I posted about.

If you’ve been getting harassing telephone calls with spoofed caller ID’s (the most recent being much too long phone numbers starting with “1506″), I’ve tracked the company down.

I haven’t verified their actual name yet, but they operate out of Tampa Florida, in Suite 100 of an office building at 8413 Laurel Fair Circle. There is a company called “Corporate Sales Leads” in Suite 101 there, so they may have their offices in one suite and their call center in another.

The number I called to finally speak to someone was 813-418-5811, which was answered by “Naomi from Human Services.” She apologized and took my information to supposedly take my number out of their computers. Especially after I warned that I’m on the DNC list.

She asked how I had managed to trace the calls to her company? I said “lots and lots of research.” She said “oh,” and promised to process the information by the end of the day.

Well, now you don’t need to do “lots and lots of research” (even a quick Google search which will eventually find them). Next time you get a call from “Heather from Account Services,” hang up and call Naomi. Then file a complaint with the FTC.

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  1. The best method to stop these is press the number they ask to speak with a card service rep. Start speaking real soft and then as they turn up the volume on their head set, use your $10 marine horn to deafen them in one ear. Half the problem will be solved.

    • I have gotten endless calls from Card Services. i have known for a while it is a scam. i press 9, and wait. i too have blown a loud whistle in 4 peoples ears. it’s so loud it hurts my ears, so i can imagine amplified over the phone, it hurts the ear. i don’t feel bad for doing this, because these people know they are working for scammers-that makes them scammers too.

    • Thanks for the info. I filed a complaint. If anyone wants to call these creeks, the number they are useing today is 1-888-577-7963

    • They did not shut them down. One time when I picked up I asked which Card Services are you with, ie-which Visa or Mater Card Card Services, she then hung up. The most recent one was really clever and persistent. Beware if they ask you why you are asking questions…like what is you mailing address? One asked why I needed to know, and then said she just comes into work and did not know it. I asked one what state they were located in and she did not want to answer that. I asked for the umber I could call her back at…NOW BE VERY CAREFUL…THEY SOMETIMES GIVE YOU A NUMBER WHICH IS OVERSEAS.. YOU GET CHARGED A BUNDLE TO CALL IT or they then have your actual name and number and use that to get info to scam you.

      When the gal asked for my card number of one of my cards, she insisted that she could not use it without the three digit code on the back..YEA,,Right! Like no one had their identity stolen before they used those numbers. I asked for her supervisor so I could get the address, stating that i would not give out any information until I checked them out with the BBB, she put me on hold, there and even slicker gal came on. Some of these people are really good, far better than the ones on the calls I saw on utube. It is frustrating that it is so hard to track them down. Oh, and there is no Federal Hwy in Port St. John, Florida.

      I think I will have to get my whistle.

  2. The FTC did NOT shut down “CARD SERVICES”. I got a call both yesterday and today 5/29/09!!! I’ve been getting robocalls from these scumbags for about a year offering to lower my credit card rates. Today was funny, I clicked thru to the person and got real chatty (just having fun wasting her time). I asked a bunch of Qs she said they were in Orlando FL (caller ID just said “Maryland Call”). I asked why caller ID said Maryland call. she said that’s where the autocall center was (don’t think I beleive her since I already know the # on the caller ID is Bogus). When I finally asked for their mailing address in FL, she said she couldn’t give that out. I replied why not. she said she “already gave me too much info” LOL I said, well I just want your address so I can tell that I’m dealing with a legitimate company…. CLICK — she finally hung up on me. Tooo funny! If you get any of these calls REPORT THEM on the FTC!!!! The FTC can use the volumne of complaints to go after these scum.

  3. How can you register a complaint with the FTC if the numberis blocked or fake? Card Services of America calls me constantly but they aren’t legit and they hang up on me as soon as I tell them to take me off their list. I suppose so that I can’t trace it.

  4. Just got a call from this company, after they have researched me and found three numbers to reach me at. I pressed “1″ to speak with the customer rep after listening to the pre-recorded message.
    Glenn, the rep, picked up and asked me if I was interested in lowering the rates on my current CC. I then asked him which CC he was speaking of and his answer was “Your Visa or Mastercard, Ma’am.” I asked him to verify the last 4 digits of the account he was calling in refernce to and this is where it began.
    “I have 551 accounts to handle today you Bitch. You think I am going to verify the last 4 digits of your CC account so that you do not have to get off your fat ass to get it. I am not employed with this company so that I can take shit from all you stupid c…ts all day while you sit your asses at home. You are a stupid f..king bitch so f..k off!”
    Okay, Then he hung up the phone. Once I was able to pick my chin up off the floor, my five year old looked at me and asked, “Mommy, are you okay?” Got the 877 # that came through on my cell.
    Who should I call?

  5. hey! got a bunch of these today and found out (research!) that csl is also owned by private capital group of tampa fla 8413 Laurel Fair Circle, Suite 101 Tampa, FL 33610
    Toll Free: (877)-863-3787 Main Office: (813)-367-0026
    Fax: (813)-367-0043

    I reported them and plan on calling and faxing them until i drive them as crazy as they have driven me. I told the salesperson this. he started dropping th “f-bomb” for wasting his time. i couldnt help laughing at him. he was so mad!! join me in bombarding them with calls!
    also here is the info on the holding co..

    The Private Capital Group
    One Buckhead Plaza
    3060 Peachtree Road NW, Suite 1020
    Atlanta, GA 30305
    Office: (404) 240 4067
    Toll Free: (866) 301 0918
    Fax: (404) 240 4073

  6. I phoned that toll free number michelle listed and spoke to Theresa in sales and she basically told me that their company sells the phone number databases to telemerkting companies so this means they are the source of who card services is getting your number from. Informed her that they are breaking the DNC regulation, she said she’ll have my number removed from their database and actually asked me to call her back on monday to follow up. very helpful, she sounded almost as annoyed with card services as I am.

  7. As bogus as these people are, they are definitely ‘connected’. One day after having my debit card# changed I started receiving calls from these fools claiming to be Bank of America Card Services. BOA confirmed for me that this number was a scam, so I called it to have ‘a little fun’.
    When the rep asked me for my name I asked him for his, to which he replied ‘Keith Reed’. I asked r-e-e-d or r-e-i-d? and he answered. I then tapped a few computer keys to make it sound like I was entering info and remained silent. After about 10 seconds he said ‘Hello?’. I told him to wait a few moments while I figured out his location. After a nervous pause he says ‘I am in Maryland’ so I say ‘we’ll see’ and continue tapping my computer keys. Again the nervous silence until he asks ‘Is this ******?’. I say ‘Stand by, almost got it’. After ten more seconds of tapping I said ‘Bingo’ and then hang up.
    This, I must confess, was far more satisfying than simply erasing the number. This guy sounded very uncomfortable by the end of the call, and with any luck he won’t be able to get it up tonight! For future calls I think I’ll get a police scanner in order to add the right flavor of background noise for realism.
    ‘Fun, Fun, Fun, ’til daddy takes the keyboard away!’

  8. Okay I got a call the other day from what was obviously a scam, it was the press 1 heather and the number on my caller ID was 407-000-5963 so i took one for the team and gave them a card i was planning on cancelling.

    After listening to what was obviously a scam they charged my account and I traced it…

    Finally, I Found the real company!

    Company that charged me:

    Credit Lynk
    1768 Park Center Dr., Suite 240
    Orlando, Florida 32835

    The Owner’s name is Irving and the Manager is Denise

    So when i started digging i realized how much of a scam they were! They have 4 Companies using the same phone number and address

    Universal Lynk (Website)
    Resort Lynk (Website)
    Realty Lynk (Website)
    Rental Lynk (Website)
    Credit Lynk (Website)

    I checked with the state of florida, the only registered company is Universal Lynk.

    Lets get these Scammers, blow up their phones, faxes, emails, the FL state Attorney General ALL OF IT!!!!

  9. I just called the Florida Attorney General and gave them all the information from the post above. Hopefully this will shut these scumbags down. They called me this morning for the second time in about a week.

  10. I just called Credit Lynk and spoke to Jennifer in customer service. She told me it is not their company but couldn’t tell me the “presentation” their sales reps make when calling. They’ve called me 12 times and sworn at me and hung up EVERY time. Call them and inundate them!

  11. I just got a call from “Card Services” about an offer they supposedly sent me in the mail.

    The number they called from is 888-998-2771

  12. I am a private investigator and this is the new address for the call center that has been making all the illegal robo calls to you people..
    1642 west airport blvd in Sanford Florida. Google that address and the map will display the location. the phone number is 1 888 356 6357. you should get a message to speak with someone in human resources. This is a huge illegal robo dialing call center that has been in business for awhile. most of the posts on this site im certain are because of this particular organization originally operating in Tampa then moved to primera blvd in lake Mary Florida now they are located in Sanford FL. Its easy to get all the info you need to these people. all you have to do is cooperate and give them your cc number. They cant charge you until you consent. Thats the only way they can for certain take your money. they will eventually give you all the info you need if you talk to a “closer” I did some digging and found out that a Blake Curtis owns and runs this entire operation. see this link here:
    they are calling Canada now instead of the united states most likely to dodge any legalities. I’ve investigated fully and What they do is have about 60 unlicensed people to answer phones that this call center robot dials out all across the country. if you press 1 you’ll get any one of these commission payed reps. pressing 2 does nothing. the reps are average nobody’s that they hire off the street with no real qualifications and will talk you into giving up your credit card number and they will verify if you have debt and if you have availability on your visa or mc by calling your lender. if you have availability on your credit card they will hand over the deal sheet to a closer “financial adviser” notice the quotes, who is nothing more than some guy or girl unlicensed and has no official title or education to be an adviser. just some random people that are hired within to close the deal so they make a killing in commission off of you. All the employees are on a commission based pay scale where I’m sure they are required to make a weekly quota in sales. then you go to a verification where you agree on a recording to let them charge your card for these ridiculous bull crap services. then you eventually get scheduled to talk to a financial adviser who again is nothing more than some other random employee in the call center who will call the bank and try to lower your cc interest rates with you on the phone. All of this is scripted and each person is trained to take you through the Bull crap process. The banks will do nothing of the sort like the closers promise you who got you scheduled to get you to sign up for these services in the first place. at best you will get your rate reduced by a couple of percents but its not permanent by any means. the best they do is transfer balance and get you a 0 percent APR with a Citibank visa or discover card for 3-6 months. all of which you can do yourself. then they will try to talk you into consolidation or debt settlement. meanwhile you just payed anywhere from $690 to $1990 on your credit card and are now screwed to ever get that back. you cant back out of it. you will not get your money back. the only way to get your money back is to threaten the company that you had a dispute with your lender in regards to these services. but you only have 3 days in which to claim that legally. They will show you on an analysis that you helped provide them that you can save money if you pay off one debt and then use what you were paying on the previous debt to put towards your other bills etc etc till everything is payed off. just for that little bit of common sense knowledge is how they are charging you money. as long as you have debt and have availability they will get you to join. they will rebuttal everything you say and will even build a relationship with you. the website they provide is they claim to be based in San Francisco California. the number they give is 1 800 672 1771 all of which is provided on this site. Hope this helps, I’ve spent a lot of time investigating these guys as they have called me several times. I had fun and I got my money back. I can report these guys anytime i want, but i put this here for you to report if you so choose. Have a good day!!

  13. they make their living off of lies! now understand they do have a service they provide. they will mail you out a debt profile for you to fill out. they will try to get you to go online and fill it out there as well which will trap you into the service! Never give them a satisfaction report or you will never get your money back ever!! that’s the biggest trap right there. they are required to get a satisfaction report from you!! everything they do you can do on your own if you were to get aggressive with your debt. all the service does is take the info you provided and they use that in a pathetic useless attempt to negotiate to a bank supervisor to lower your APR. which we all know is next to impossible. they have everything they need to make you think they are helping you. when indeed all they are doing is the same thing you could have done yourself. this is how this company is structured and diff people have diff roles.

    The owner(some rich guy that drives big cars thanks to you): whats up stud

    The floor manager(Satan himself): the crazy ringleader who conducts a cockamamie inspirational meeting every morning to boost rep morale to help the reps get deals! oversees the reps who take the calls initially

    the closers(the financial advisers or about worthless losers!!Satans little helpers): who get the deals from the floor manager by the reps and talks you into you letting the company charge your card anywhere from $690-1990 depending on your debt.

    the verification dept:(people who couldnt be anything else): who takes the deal sheet and conducts a scripted recording making it legal to charge your card after the closer is done explaining(lying)everything to you

    scheduling dept.(people right behind the verification people in the same room) makes an appointment for you to speak to a financial advisor days or weeks later so that you cant get a refund.

    the financial advisors(more scripted loosers with limited resources to do any good). the person that is assigned to call you to go over your debt profile and try to show you a savings with your lender.

    customer service(the people that absolutly couldnt do anything else). try’s to talk you out of backing out of the program.

    everyone here is under the same roof sometimes in the same room. this is a huge scam organization legit only when you agree to services on the recording.

    the address is 1642 west airport blvd, Sanford Florida. Google this it will bring up the map instantly. the human resource number is 1 888 356 6357 but good luck getting a live person. for that call the 800 number and pretend you have a confirmation number. the number they give to clients routes you to the customer service people and that number is 1 800 672 1771 claiming to be when actually they are all paid from a serene solutions. again they are all under the same roof at that address!! you can see them out in the parking lot smoking cigarettes or who knows what else lol.

  14. Yes, I worked for them a couple of weeks. Still haven’t gotten paid yet. They are good at scamming their employees too, I reckon. The thing they are doing illegally is calling people out of the phone book. Thus, they are calling people on the Do Not Call list. This is against the FTC regulations and they probably will get busted some day. It seem like they end up having to move offices and change name every once in a while probably when this happens. The only thing they guarantee is that they can lower your interest rate by 3-4%. But, it will cost you at least $695. Much of the time they try to get $995 and once I heard someone get $1295 off some unfortunate soul. They won’t work with customers who have their Credit Cards maxed out, because then they have no way to charge their fee to a customers account. Also, there is no way to stop them from calling you. They tell you to tell customers that you will take them off the call list. But, all you can do is hang up on the customer. Thus, you will get called back in a few hours or the next day, even people on the Do not call list. They seem to fear the FTC from showing up to see what they are up to.

    So, if you want to fight back they are:

    189 S Orange Ave Ste 1550
    Orlando, FL 32801

    Phone: (888) 696-2458
    Fax: (407)-956-2442

  15. I just received my second call from Card Services today. The first time, I mentioned that I did not have a credit card and was about to ask them to take me off their list when he hung up on me. Mad, I decided the next time they called (if they did) that I would write down any info I could. So today I made sure I asked for a name and a company name. Then I asked how they obtained my information. Up until this point, the representative who told me his name was Andrew (a lie most likely) had been very polite and professional. As soon as I asked how they got my info, he turned very nasty and blatantly told me, “I stole it.”

    I reported it to the FTC.

    • Totally got the same call today. I called the real Card Services and they had none of my information. It seems these punks are pretending to be a real company and fishing around for information. This kid named “Drew” hung up on me once I got inquisitive. Its too bad, because I work in a call center, doing legitimate market research. These punks are making my job harder by trying to screw everybody.

  16. I got a call from these criminals today. I’ve gotten other robocalls, so I go through a drill with them to get as much information as possible. I pressed one. Then, the “representative” asked me if he was talking to [insert my name]. Rule #1: NEVER verify anything. So I answer with a question and ask the guy the name of his company. Card Services. I get snippy and tell him that’s not the name of a company, that’s the name of a department. Off course, continuing to seem totally innocent. Rule #2: NEVER let them know you’re on to them in the beginning, or they will hang up. I ask where the company’s located. He says ATLANTA, GA. And asks why I want to know. I tell him, I’d like to know it’s a real company I’m dealing with so I can trust them. Rule #3: They will divulge more information if they think you are a dupe; turn in an award-winning performance. Finally, I ask him whether he knows it’s illegal to make robocalls. Rule #4: Know your stuff. He says, “Yes” and hangs up.

    2/10/2010 research reveals:
    Calling from: 425-587-1011
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Knowledge of illegal nature of activity: Yes

    I reported them to the FTC, and if they ever call again, I will report them again. Strength in numbers, people! Keep pushing these losers!

  17. I got a call from them today (Auria Miriam) from 775-317-7603. She said that this was a Federal Program that would reduce interest rates to 6%. She then asked what my cards were and the balance and interest rates. Since my cards are maxed out, she didn’t ask for any account information. She said that someone would be calling me in 48 hours to lower my rates. I felt uneasy about the call so I called the number back which was unreachable. I then googled Account Services and found that this was a scam. They are still at it and are quite convincing. If you don’t pay attention, you may give them the info if you really are interested in lowering your rates.

  18. this is the new address for the call center that has been making all the illegal robo calls to you people..
    1642 west airport blvd in Sanford Florida. Google that address and the map will display the location. the phone number is 1 888 356 6357. you should get a message to speak with someone in human resources. ask for the owner Blake Curtis it will really throw them off track or jake ,portia ,joe,morgon, joe they are some of the fincial consultets that talk you out your money

  19. I got called today and had to call and close my credit card just in case.

    I was called from 1.702.520.9162

    No fun…

  20. If they represented all Visa and Master Card companies, they would not need your highest limit credit card number and YOUR NAME to verify who you are. They are just telemarketing with a program that dials random numbers. People press 1 then it goes to a rep. Whether you buy or not, your name is THEN on a list of validated numbers they WILL SELL or TRADE to other scammers. Don’t take the bait and do get on the Do Not Call List.

  21. We just got a new “Heather From Card Services” robocall today from:

    (360) 633-9001 and only was listed as being from the location of “Silverdale, Wa” on the caller-id.

  22. the latest call we received from “Rachel with Card Services” was from 949-282-8122. when we called the number back, we received a message that said Mike Jones mailbox is full and can not accept anymore messages. this clearly tells me this is a major scam.

  23. have been getting this scam call every few days for a while now, so I had some fun the last time they called. I played with them for about an hour! First I got Juan (extension 254). I told him I had 6 cards with at least 30K of debt. He said that’s perfect and asked for my card number. When I questioned him, he directed me to the BBB, but refused to give his company name or website. I gave him a made up card number. He asked for the bank’s phone number, and I gave him the number of an FBI field office. He put me on hold for 5 minutes, and came back and said they had never heard of that card number before, and asked if I had a different phone number. I gave him the number of an adult chat line. Hold for another 5 minutes. This was the best part: he came back on the line and had DEFINITELY called the chat line. He asked if I was joking, and I said I must have misread the phone number on the card. I asked to speak to a manager. I got Allen, who seemed drunk, and was very rude and kept interrupting me. After 10 minutes back and forth, he gave me their website and phone number. By that point, I was bored, so I got off the call.

    Their website is:

    Their “real” phone number is:
    (877) 748-2626
    That should actually go through!

    Report them to the FTC!

  24. I just got a call today. I pressed “1″ and the rep said, “Did you press 1 to lower your interest rate?” and I said, “No, I pressed 1 so you’d take me off your call list!” She hung up. This call was from a 269-number but I usually see it from area code 206. I’m on the DNC list too – doesn’t seem to slow them down. Very annoying.

  25. 888-293-4792 – Just received an UNSOLICITED, UNREQUESTED, and ILLEGAL Automated Auto-Dialer Phone Call from “Annie” at “Account Services”. She was calling to offer to lower my interest rates on my credit cards. Call offers NO Opt-Out Option whatsoever, which is also ILLEGAL. “Annie” also states that I have to call this number immediately to receive this special offer from them. Reporting to the FCC and BBB immediately. Yet another scam company violating numerous Federal Laws. ALL of my numbers are on the DO-NOT-CALL List.

  26. Just got a call from Ashley at 410.629.7081. Same song and dance. She thought she had me then asked for my card number and I said…FRAUD. Calling the FCC and BBB. People…be aware. I also am on the DNC list.

  27. Listed from “S” above.

    Their website is:

    Their “real” phone number is:
    (877) 748-2626
    That should actually go through!

    Report them to the FTC!

    Called the # today. Told the lady who called that I suspected they were connected to the annoying card services calls that I had been getting inundated with. She didn’t deny it – only asked if I would like to be placed on their do not call list. I informed her I would. Verified my phone #. She stated the manager would be there Monday to update the list. I also informed her that for their information they wanted to do this or I would be working with the FTC/local law enforcement to have phone #s traced from here on out if I received another such call. We’ll see if I get called again. Seems to be the company they’re currently operating under.

  28. Just received a call from (825) 000-3228, saying they’re from Card Services.

    These numbers/calls are irritating and seems like they just keep coming and coming and coming without any means of stopping them. Well, I at least found a way to slow them down.

    By accident I didn’t hang up the phone immediately, and then I realized that they were still on the line wanting me to hang-up. It seems like something within their system doesn’t allow them to hang up the phone. As long as the line is active, they have an opportunity to get info. It’s probably set this way so that the callers must make every effort to obtain the desired info.

    I spent an additional 4-5 minutes and the woman on the line seemed very irritated. Now I know this didn’t help me getting less calls, but it does offer some satisfaction on two accounts. First, I got some pleasure in it, and then it was less time they could spend trying this with others.

    Your caller might be different, or they may have a different system, but I think it’s worth a try. Hope all reads this and repeats the process. It might not end their schemes, but it might slow them down.

    Good Luck ! ! !

    PS – Under no circumstances, don’t give any information to them!!!!!!!

  29. Hi there,
    I have been looking for all the info I can on “account services” and the comments here sound just like what I have been experienceing. Its frustrating to have these people call day after day and my # is on the do not call list. I have told everyone I know they are a scam. so the best thing I can suggest is share this info with everyone you know.

  30. I had one of these phone calls described by so many of you. This one said his name was Angelo and he was calling in reference to a government program that would allow me to have the interest reduced on my credit cards. When I asked how he obtained my info, he said he got it through credit report companies and one he named was Equifax; he even had the last four digits of one of my credit cards and he kept asking me for the entire credit card number. Needless to say, I did not give it to him. The conversation continued concerning how much I could save a month and that I could listen in on the phone calls being made to the credit card companies to lower the interest rate. When he found out the cards were maxed out and $1,000. was not available on any one of them, he said I could not qualify for this program. This is when I became concerned that this was a scam. He said he would call back in about 30 days. Also, there was a lot of chatter and laughing in the background and I knew it had to be a scam; very unprofessional. So everyone out there, beware.

  31. It’s more than two years later and I’m still getting calls from these people, who are obviously violating the do-not-call law. What does it take to shut these people down?

  32. Be careful everyone. They are now using cell phones to call with. Every day they will call with a different cell phone number from different states. I am guessing they are trying to dodge being caught. They have called this year using the following numbers: 315-436-6239(NY), 502-718-8814 (KY), 203-584-5201 (CT), 406-224-9051 (MT). All of those numbers are supposedly cell phone numbers that they have used to call with their automated message.

  33. Someone posted on March 14th that the FTC shut these scammers down. NOT THE CASE. I just received a phonecall from “Card Services”. They may have changed their location and fake names being used (I got a call from an automated “Rachel”), but they’re still going.

  34. I got a call from them today!! There has to be a way to stop them!! We need someone that can pull strings and make things happen…..any ideas?? Maybe a news station …or someone with connections.

  35. 4-26-11 Card Services…They are STILL harrassing me several times a week. Today I hit the button to talk to the person and there was a “bad connection” I said I wanted to be taken off the list and that I had reported them to the FCC. They argued with me and said they could not take me off the list. I did file a complaint with the FCC. Right now I am just trying to figure out how to block them but since they never call from the same number twice I’m afraid that will be nearly impossible. I am sooooooo frustrated by this.

  36. I got a call from Shelly Warren, from Card Services. She asked me no info, but she knew that I had applied for a new credit card from B.of A., and she had my old and new addresses. Do you think this is still a scam??
    The only thing they wanted was to clarify my address…

  37. I’ve gotten several calls from these scumbags and usually they just hang-up when you ask to not be called. Yesterday they swore at me repeatedly (1 employee and one supposed manager), used countless F*’s and then threatened to rape my wife and children!

    Needless to say, I filed an FCC complaint.

    BTW Qwest was absolutely worthless in helping me. However, the were willing to charge me for caller ID if I wanted it and for a minimum of 3 traces to find out the callers’ number….which we already know is worthless.

  38. The FTC talks a good show on this but they have had zero success in fixing the problem. They have to justify their own paychecks ya know. The reason they are powerless to stop it is they don’t put anyone in jail. They can fine, sieze and shut down all they want, but to the lowlifes that run these scams, it’s just another business expense that they budget for. They are up and running the following week at another location, another business name and if their equipment was siezed, with brand new equipment that is better than what they just lost. The only thing that will stop them is doing time. They can’t budget for that.

    The question now is, “why isn’t anyone locking them up”?

    • I sooooooooo agree. Why aren’t the consumer protection agencies protecting the
      consumer? Isn’t that their job? It sounds like they have been given numerous
      complaints and 411 to work with. ” Jail Baby”

  39. They have not stopped. Here are the numbers they have called me with in the month of June 2011:


    All of those numbers have called pitching the same thing.

  40. I have been recieving calls from card services sometimes twice a day…I don’t even have a cc. I’ve asked them to remove my number with no results (usually they just hang up). Once I asked for a superviser and he agreed to remove it with an apoligy, I didn’t hear from them for about a month, until last night…I once again asked to speak to a superviser at that time the super sreamed a lovely F**K YOU and then put the oringinal caller back on the phone. He said “I thought you wanted to lower your intrest rates? F**K YOU and then hung up!!!!! Nice guys. I just called 1-888-577-7963 I told them that they used profanity and I wanted my number removed. She said they would remove my # and would listen to tapes relating to my # and find out who was using profanity…hopefully this works.

  41. The phone # 888-577-7963 matches up to Link Solutions. They claim to be “Financial Consultants” Another # 888-868-0538 seems to call the same place. I was told I shouldn’t call 577-7963. Very shady!

  42. They are a plus financial centers llc.
    Spoke to manager who asked three times how I found them. I told him I would start a multi state class action lawsuit if I got one more phone call. Funny how they stopped calling me.

    recore the calls with a micro cass. recorder and a phone pickup available at radeeo shck.
    press 1 to speak to a rep,
    SUE SUE SUE for repeated harassment

  43. I tried contacting my state Attorney General’s office and they say there is nothing they can do! So, today when I got one of those “off” long distance numbers on my caller ID, I answered and a recording started and then the human got on the line and said, “Hello.” I said, “Attorney General’s office. How may I help you?” He had hung up before I got to “may I help you.” I am going to try all kinds of things: American Embassy, State Criminal Attorney’s Office, District Attorney, etc. I’ll bet my number gets taken off a lot of lists in India….which by the way, our big corporations who have outsourced to them are probably providing all these numbers for them to use for their scams during their off hours.

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